A home goods store has opened in the Torgovy Kvartal shopping centre, which belongs to ITD Properties. Additionally, new tenants have appeared at the Torgovy Kvartal shopping centre in Klin. 

The Torgovy Kvartal shopping centres, located in the towns of Domodedovo and Klin, and which belong to the ITD Properties investment group, now have new tenants, according to the company’s press office.

Visitors in Domodedovo will be pleased to see the stores which have already opened their doors, including Poryadok, a home goods store with a total area of 800 m2, Tofa, a 266 m2 shoe store, 4 Lapy, a pet supplies store (145 m2), Papa Zharit Myaso, Sergei Zhukov's new project, which is a grill bar (45 m2) located in the shopping centre's food and also Healthstore, a sports nutrition store, Choice, a women’s clothing store, and MosOptika, an optician. Moreover, the shoe shop Kari has expanded to 760 m2 and reopened in a new format, and in the next few days, a new shoe shop, Ralf Ringer, will open with an area of 120 m2.

The Torgovy Kvartal shopping centre in Klin is also actively filling up with new shops such as Befree, a country-wide clothes store brand, which has opened a new store with an area of 150 m2, and a place has been made available to collect orders from online shopping company Ozon. NEBO, a gastro bar (360 m2) with a designer interior and exquisite cuisine has opened, capable of satisfying even the most demanding of visitors to our shopping centre, and Hanoi Pho, a Vietnamese cafe (80 m2) has opened in the food court.

Using partnership tactics when managing our project has allowed us not only to retain our key tenants, but also to start new relationships with operators that have not previously been represented in our shopping centres,” said Natalya Utkina, head of the Rental Relations Department at ITD Properties.

The gradual increase in the number of visitors, the resumption of activity and new tenants’ interest in our facilities gives hope that there will be a speedy recovery following this acute phase of the pandemic. The growth in the number of vaccinated people reduces the risk of needing to introduce new restrictions in the future, allowing us to look towards the future optimistically,” said Vyacheslav Khrestinin, managing director at ITD Properties.

Source — CRE https://www.cre.ru/news/84365