July 2019 was notable for the end of work on redesigning the Torgovyy Kvartal shopping centre in Klin.

In order to make the facility more attractive and up to date for the next decade, between the end of 2018 and the start of 2019, the company organised an array of project activities with the end goal of ensuring that the shopping and entertainment complex corresponded with commercial
real estate market trends and demands. Klin.

One of the main tasks in renovating the shopping centre was preserving its appearance as a historical part of the city, since the building is located in the historical centre of Klin.

The redesign project was performed in stages in order to maintain convenient conditions both for visitors to the shopping and entertainment centre and its tenants.

The Torgovyy Kvartal shopping centre'‎s management company carried out the following works:

  • Restoring the building'‎s facade, observing the city administration'‎s requirements to preserve the centre'‎s historical appearance, and using ventilated composite panels, and replacing the roof structure with the shopping centre'‎s name on it. The building'‎s main facade was also augmented with bright features (decorative stripes along the shopping centre'‎s facade) and spaces for the placement of advertisements by tenants, allowing the shopping centre to stand out from the other buildings and attract the attention of potential visitors.
  • A number of works have been carried out to improve the surrounding territory, such as dismantling disused outer structures and replacing them with soil or grass covering, modernising the street lighting all around the shopping centre'‎s territory and restoring the asphalt road covering, including in the visitor'‎s car park.

  • In order to achieve the vision of a professional shopping and entertainment centre, the 2nd floor was redeveloped taking into account modern zoning standards. A food court was set up on the floor. Decorative elements were mounted on window openings and on the ceiling and a designer air-bubble panel was placed.

  • The cinema operator was replaced. The cinema centre was renovated with the aim of creating an additional screen.

  • The children'‎s entertainment centre Krolik Misha was established an area of more than 200 sq. m. with a modern play area, slides, mazes, gaming machines and bar counters instead of fences, which are a continuation of the food court, making a single conceptual space in this area.