Development of the concept of design of retail spaces


  • Developing concepts and designs for retail spaces, planning divisions and functional areas
  • Auditing of retails spaces with the aim of increasing profit and organising uniform visitor circulation, efficient stock positioning and navigation


  • Developing a brand's corporate identity (naming, logo, etc.)
  • Developing retail space design (furniture, lighting, electrics and interior decoration and decor)
  • Developing designs for shopping centre common areas (relaxation spaces, information stands, navigation)
  • Developing designs for island constructions (kiosks, advertising and exhibition stands)
  • Developing concepts and designs for fairs and POP-UP Stores
  • Designer supervision of developed design concepts


  • Running merchandising training and seminars for business owners and retail space personnel
  • Developing designs and decor for window and retail spaces
  • Developing brand merchbooks
  • Retail space auditing to ensure efficient stock placement, display space, navigation, and to ensure that all stock is up to date
  • Designing functional zoning and lighting systems in retail spaces

Technical support

  • Technical support for clients at the production stage and coordinating all issues with the management company
  • Accepting work completed under contract, monitoring and organising work to fix defects

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