Comprehensive management of commercial real estate

Market research and concept development

  • Analysis of the current situation and competitive environment
  • Developing facility redesign projects taking into account market requirements
  • Comprehensive shopping centre promotion
  • Interaction with the media
  • Marketing strategy and implementation
  • Ensuring project participation in professional and specialist competitions and prizes

Our aim is to determine a project'‎s commercial efficiency and its positioning in the market, as well as to promote the facility, increase traffic and PR activity, support the facility'‎s image in the media and increase visitor loyalty and tenant stock turnover.


  • Applying efficient brokerage methods to ensure projects are completed in a timely manner taking into account the commercial efficiency and versatility of shopping centres

Our aim is to maintain a minimum number of vacant spaces, high rental rates and to form a highquality pool of tenants.

Managing rental relationships

  • Administering rental agreements
  • Legal support for rental agreements
  • Quality control for appearance and tenant client service
  • Ensuring timely rental and other payments
  • Increasing average rental rates

The aim is to maximise facility income, organise effective interaction with tenants and increase shopping centre attractiveness to visitors.

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