ITD Properties has become the sole owner of the Torgovyy Kvartal shopping centre in Domodedovo in Moscow region. Earlier the company announced plans to acquire 5–7 shopping
centres and warehouse in Moscow region, according to Kommersant on Wednesday.

«ITD Properties has acquired its first facility in Russia, a shopping centre in Domodedovo belonging to Mikhail Kirsanov», writes Kommersant.

As Inessa Samokhvalova told the publication, the group of companies has become the sole owner of the Torgovyy Kvartal shopping centre. 33 % was bought from RB Invest, and two
years ago 67 % was acquired from Mikhail Kirsanov, the owner of Eastward Capital, which  intended to build a chain of regional single brand Torgovyy Kvartal shopping centres.

As noted in the article, Kirsanov was talking about plans to build shopping centre in Krasnoyarsk, Vladikavkaz, Pushkino near Moscow, but all projects have been suspended. In turn, ITD properties consolidated around 80 hectares in Moscow and the surrounding Moscow region and is conduction negotiations to acquire another shopping centre in Moscow region and a business centre in the centre of Moscow.

Three years ago, ITD Properties announced its intentions to invest up to $500 million in the capital'‎s commercial real estate markets and planned to acquire 5–7 shopping centres and
warehouses. Now the company plans to manage commercial real estate, including working with tenants, and operating and commercialising spaces, adds the publication.